America is back on track to financial stability since Broke Straight Guys can’t find more broke guys :)

One or two or three of these 5 guys we see every week at Broke Straight Guys. It’s a good sign to America and bad news to gay porn. No more “straight” guys to lure to gay porn.

Brokestraightguys_08 Brokestraightguys_07
Brokestraightguys_06 Brokestraightguys_05
Brokestraightguys_04 Brokestraightguys_03
Brokestraightguys_02 Brokestraightguys_01

I think seeing the same guys week after week defeats the purpose of these guys being straight. The doubt sets in if they are really straight. It’s time to name the site to Broke Bisexual Guys.