Bralin is back at Chaos Men after more than 2 years… things have changed since his last visit

If I am not mistaken, Bralin’s last scene with Chaos Men was with Race.

Bralin_chaosmen_BEFORE_01 Bralin_chaosmen_NOW_01

Things have changed at Chaos Men since he left. In his last scene with Race, he was fucked with a condom, which is rarely done nowadays.


FIRST TIME FOR BOTH GUYS This is Dunham’s first time as a top and as a bottom. This is Bralin’s first time doing a RAW video for Chaos Men.

Bralin_chaosmen_NOW_02 Bralin_chaosmen_NOW_03
Bralin_chaosmen_NOW_06 Bralin_chaosmen_NOW_07
Bralin_chaosmen_NOW_08 Bralin_chaosmen_NOW_09