Brody Grant is definitely back at College Dudes

A day after Brody Grant’s solo appeared at College Dudes last Dec. 2010, it was removed from the website with no explanation. Most fans believed a Corbin Fisher porn interventation happened. It seems this mess has been settled. It’s been 3 days and Brody’s flip/fuck scene with Carter Nash has not been removed at College Dudes.

Carter_nash_brody_grant_01 Carter_nash_brody_grant_02

I enjoyed reading Jason’s email he sent me about Brody. I thought I shared it with everyone (with permission from Jason).

Brody has done 14 ACM/ACS scenes + a nice Profile video.  After achieving this notoriety,… I was equally surprised he was not nominated for the CF-Dean’s List.  So I’m going to conclude, that he was dropped from Corbin’s ” I LOVE YOU ” roster. 

From what I’ve heard,.. lots of favoritism goes on in San Diego… and you don’t upset the BOSS or you’re dead.

I’m really curious to see comments by M of P Fans.  In sincerity, I am heart-broken to see Brody leaving CF.  If there’s any consolation, at least he’s not working for Jake Cruise. “Thank God”!!

He asked “What in the world is CF-Brody doing in Florida working @ CD.??


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