Rush of CM is now Russ of SW

Rush (left pictures) solo was released by Chaos Men last Aug. 2009 and his serviced video last Nov. 2009. He is now using the name Russ (right pictures) at Spunk Worthy and so far, his solo, jack off and serviced videos have been released.

Rush_chaosmen_01 Russ_spunkworthy_01
Rush_chaosmen_02 Russ_spunkworthy_02
Rush_chaosmen_03 Russ_spunkworthy_03
Rush_chaosmen_04 Russ_spunkworthy_04
Rush_chaosmen_05 Russ_spunkworthy_05
Rush_chaosmen_06 Russ_spunkworthy_06
Rush_chaosmen_07 Russ_spunkworthy_07

Thanks to C.A for the info that Rush/Russ also worked for Jet Set Men as Ryan Rush.