Deigo Motta of CD = Diego of DT = Mike III of SC

Diego Motta (left) appeared with only a solo at College Dudes last June 2010. After that, I’ve seen him work (4th-5th row) for Dirty Tony where he experienced his first cock inside his mouth. Now, he is now the latest guy at Sean Cody using the name Mike (right).

Diego_motta_mark_collegedudes_seancody_01 Diego_motta_mark_collegedudes_seancody_02
Diego_motta_mark_collegedudes_seancody_03 Diego_motta_mark_collegedudes_seancody_04
Diego_motta_mark_collegedudes_seancody_05 Diego_motta_mark_collegedudes_seancody_06
Diego_dirty_tony_01 Diego_dirty_tony_02
Diego_dirty_tony_03 Diego_dirty_tony_04