It only takes ONE black guy to win Best Black Theme Site

The saying is indeed true – One man makes a difference. It’s Gonna Hurt [mobile] website, where Castro is almost in every update often paired with a white guy, won Best Black Theme Site in this year’s Cybersocket Awards.

Itsgonnahurt_01 Itsgonnahurt_02
Itsgonnahurt_03 Itsgonnahurt_04
Itsgonnahurt_05 Itsgonnahurt_06

It’s Gonna Hurt won over Black Stud Society, Black Twink Gays, Buzzed Up, Choco Cocks, Dawg Pound USA, Ebony D, Ebony Knights, Edger 9, Lost In Da Hood, Thug Boy, Thug Orgy, Thuglicious, and Tiger Tyson.

Men of Color posted his experience, includes lots of pictures and list of winners, at the Cybersocket Awards.

8 thoughts on “It only takes ONE black guy to win Best Black Theme Site

  1. . . .I know what award Suite 703 is getting next year. /hateration
    (But really, how did this site outrank Edger9? That was some cool, stylish shit.)

  2. The Cybersocket awards go to the sites that actually do business with the sponsors. It’s Gonna Hurt is an Epoch Billing site and Next Door is Buddy Profits. They throw a few awards to people like Chi Chi and Jason Sechrest to make sure they don’t black list it or point out the obvious but if you look at who owns or does the billing for all the winners and compare it to the sponsors then you will see an obvious connection.

  3. If anyone had a “DONG” like Castro,…then there’s got to be an AWARD somewhere in the industry. lol!!!
    My favorite IGH scene is Castro fucking AJ Irons. 🙂 🙂

  4. Castro is very short, I think around 5’2 or 5’3. It’s Gonna Hurt is owned by the Bang Bros network of sites which has essentially become the McDonald’s of porn sites.

  5. It’s Gonna Hurt and Cybersocket are a joke. I think IGH won the stupidest gay porn site category.

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