8 thoughts on “Meet the new owner of Straight Fraternity

  1. OMGoodness!!!…Another OWNER joins in on some SEX-n’-FUN. (Like Jake @ J.C., Bryan @ CM., Drake @ DR, Van @ BG …just to name a few.) However, no one beats the early days of Sean @ SC. He could have been true Porn-Star on his own merits.
    Thanks Denz….for the update on the Adult Industry. 🙂

  2. I gotta admit….the guys are yummy here but the photography really leaves something to be desired. There are some clips I love in the past where the owner gets barebacked and what not…and I don’t think Blake is UNATTRACTIVE just not my first choice…
    Anyhoo, hopefully the new owner can plan his shots better and knows his way around photography….He actually looks like a a hot silver fox…

  3. This guy has been around for some time. He’s the owner of My Friend’s Feet, which is probably one of the best American (if not international) foot fetish sites of all time. It’s the only foot fetish site at which I’ve kept a consistent membership. He’s really, really good.

  4. I agree that he has perhaps the longest running foot fetish website ever. But I would change a great deal of things about how he runs it. It is long overdue for a facelift and needs more features than what it has now. It’s still stuck in the 90s, if not 80s.

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