Rusty Stevens is a thief and a crackhead? (tip @ Estelle)

This is Rusty Stevens, who has retired from porn but still escorts and does club appearances.

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Tweets with regards to Rusty being a thief and a crackhead


Tristan Baldwin and Cameron Adams

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Update as of February 25, 2010 Tristan Baldwin replied to the comments sent by Rusty Stevens on this post.


Update as of March 15, 2011 From Tristan Baldwin sent via email “As promised, here are my most recent AIM results, to nullify the absolutely outrageous and embarrassing claims that I was HIV positive by an another XXX performer. These claims were made with the intent of ‘de-railing’ my career both in front of the camera, and to the extent that I escort on the side.  It is sad to see that someone would lie about such a serious medical condition, to damage another person’s livelihood and prosperity. But it is even SADDER when the condition they are making fun of / using as a lie, is killing that same person’s fan-base. Again, I’m not mentioning names, because we agreed to let this issue die- but here is the truth in hard evidence, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for what you said.


[Official website of Tristan Baldwin and Twitter]