Bait Buddies and Straight Fraternity going out of character this week

BAIT BUDDIES Bait Buddies normally has a BAIT and a STRAIGHT in each of their scene. It’s different this week. The two guys are labelled straight [gallery] – Eddie Blake (started at College Dudes) and Jake Taylor (aka Andrew Blue and this is his third released scene this week).

It can’t be Bait Buddies without the BAIT. Is being the bait perceived as being gay? If so, I think no “gay for pay” doing gay porn would want to be labeled gay 🙂

Eddie_blake_jake_taylor_01 Eddie_blake_jake_taylor_02
Eddie_blake_jake_taylor_03 Eddie_blake_jake_taylor_04

STRAIGHT FRATERNITY Straight Fraternity (SF) normally hires amateur porn stars. I don’t think Niko (aka Nikko Alexander) and AJ (aka AJ Monroe/Banks) are amateurs. With new management, I think SF is moving in a different direction by hiring porn stars and not  guys they found at “gyms or straight clubs, at the beach or even right off the street” as they stated on their main page. If I am not mistaken, they started hiring known porn star when they featured Charles (aka Kirk/Jonas/Chaz Riley) last Dec 2010.

 Str8_fraternity_aj_nikko_01 Str8_fraternity_aj_nikko_02