Could it be DJ from Active Duty in one of the homemade sex tapes of Mason Wyler?

Mason Wyler is willing to share his home made sex tapes if he reaches 25k followers on twitter. He even shared some screen captures.


According to Mason "Over the years I have created quite a few homemade sex tapes. I'm not talking studio porn made with professional equipment and a paid crew, I'm talking private videos made with a simple handycam and a slew of willing volunteers. These videos can not be found in your local porn store, they aren't on xtube or gaytube or rockettube… in fact, they aren't online at all… not yet at least."


Spongey commented on the The Sword that it's DJ from Active Duty.


Could it be him? Two same tattoos on the same spots.

Update as of March 01, 2011 Mason Wyler decided not to share his homemade sex tapes "I admit I am infinitely reckless with my life and reputation. Although I am not entirely ashamed of my notoriety, I do have some regrets. One them being my thoughtlessness with my post from yesterday, "Twitter for Porn", which included screen shots from home-videos made over a year ago(way before I contracted HIV). Regardless of the date of the videos, I understand my poor standing in the public eye has ill effects on the lives of those seen associating with me. I regret that I did not think of the men involved in the videos before I published the screen shots. It was a major failure on my part and I am deeply sorry for it. With that being said, I have decided I can not release any private footage that threatens the livelihood of other people. I will do my best to continue to amuse and entertain you but I can only do it at my own expense (and with the help of willing volunteers)."