Levi Modesto of CD is now Kris Jamieson of RB

He first appeared as Levi Modesto (left pictures) at College Dudes last Sept. 2010 with just one solo shoot. He is back as Kris Jamieson (right pictures) at Randy Blue with more makeup on his face 🙂

Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_01 Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_02
Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_03 Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_04
Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_05 Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_06
Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_07 Levi_modesto_kris_jamieson_08

Besides the tattoo on the right forearm which was present on both shoots, he now have a new tattoo on his left bicep in his latest shoot at Randy Blue.