Website owner part of the scene – Michael Galletta of Black Boy Addictionz

According to Michael Galletta of Black Boy Addictionz "I'm addicted to black boys. I started making my own homemade movies as a way to explore my personal fantasies and share my addiction with others. Basically, I wanted to film the types of scenes I'd always wanted to see but nobody seemed willing to make!"

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"My videos are 100% amateur! Most of the action takes place on a futon in my tiny apartment. My models are not actors performing a "role" in some fake porn fantasy. Their stories are honest and their reactions are sincere and unscripted. I don't have a degree in filmmaking, there's no fancy editing, and the equipment I work with is pretty basic."

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"Still, I always do my best to share with you the kinds of hot scenes you'll remember long after that first viewing! I want you to feel like you're truly in the room with us, watching an actual video-shoot, not some glossy, tightly-edited "fantasy"."

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