Club Jeremy Hall is OUT, Fraternity X is IN

The production of porn star Jeremy Hall's website Club Jeremy Hall was put on hold last summer. He said in a forum "I decided it was time to give up modeling, and we are exploring different options for the site."

Clubjeremyhall Fraternityx

Enter Fraternity X, his new website "We are an official Fraternity at Arizona State University just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. We created a gay porn site to help put us through college. We cannot say our fraternity name or letters for obvious reasons so online we call ourselves FraternityX."

Looking at the updates, there are only 6 members of the fraternity. I am glad Krys Perez is one of them.

Fraternityx_01 Fraternityx_02
Fraternityx_03 Fraternityx_04
Fraternityx_05 Fraternityx_06
Fraternityx_07 Fraternityx_08
Fraternityx_09 Fraternityx_10

This gay porn site does not want labels "A lot of people ask if were straight or gay. We don’t like labels but would probably consider ourselves bi-sexual."