11 thoughts on “Corbin Fisher just ordered me to pay them 25k

  1. i almost sh*t my pants and then realized it was April fools and also that you didn’t have an active subscription? …. 😛 funny LOL

  2. That was the best April Fool’s in a long time for me. I completely bought it.

  3. It probably is just an April Fools’ joke because their grammar is pathetic, “username and password” is the norm, not “password and username”, and it’s “have been breached” not “has been breached”, how do they know that the “username and password” have been used to pirate their videos? I didn’t buy it for one moment!

  4. Say Denz….”Have NO FEAR”!! … FlyGal & I will be right there to BAIL YOU OUT!! lol! lol!! 🙂 🙂

  5. All I know is if I got a letter like that from me, I’d tell them to fuck off. One reason I canceled my membership a long time ago. CF has gotten very stale.

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