Happy to see condoms being used at Jake Cruise?

In their first encounter last Jan. 2011, it was Jake Cruise who fucked Ryan McCoy. This week at Jake Cruise, Ryan McCoy got his chance to fuck Jake Cruise. Both scenes used condoms.

Jake_cruise_rick_mccoy_01 Jake_cruise_rick_mccoy_02
Jake_cruise_rick_mccoy_04 Jake_cruise_rick_mccoy_05

Vance Crawford was not lucky 🙂 If I am not mistaken, he was the last guy to fuck (first week of Oct. 2010) and got fucked (last week of Oct. 2010) by Jake Cruise without a condom.

Jake_Cruise_vance_crawford_01 Jake_Cruise_vance_crawford_02
Jake_Cruise_vance_crawford_03 Jake_Cruise_vance_crawford_04
Jake_Cruise_vance_crawford_05 Jake_Cruise_vance_crawford_06
Jake_Cruise_vance_crawford_07 Jake_Cruise_vance_crawford_08

It has been more than 5 months that Jake Cruise hasn’t released a bareback scene. Only Cocksure Men, one of the other two porn sites owned by Jake Cruise has also been using condoms. SG4GE still does bareback scenes.