I hope he sticks with the name Joey Soto (Thanks @Chuliaka)

It’s very difficult to stalk find a porn star when he keeps changing his porn name.

He first used the name Elliot at Fratmen. Then, Brick at Corbin Fisher. He is now using the name Joey Soto at Marcus Mojo. He has added some bulk since his last appearance at Corbin Fisher.

Elliot_brick_joey_soto_01 Elliot_brick_joey_soto_02

As Brick, he only had one scene with another guy – one of my Corbin Fisher favorite – Josh.


As Joey Soto, he recently fucked “has a girlfriend who knows he is working in gay porn” Marcus Mojo. This is just an observation. Both guys have an average size dick. They had an easy time sucking each other’s cock.

I did enjoy watching the bigger guy, 6 footer Marcus Mojo, getting fucked by a 5’4″ Joey Soto.

Marcus_mojo_01 Marcus_mojo_02