Lovers having sex for the money – Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero

I did enjoy watching the second time (first pairup at Suite 703) the two had sex on camera.

Austin Wilde‘s website was launched last Dec 2010 but he hasn’t bottomed to any of his co-stars. And, Austin mentioned in an interview with The Sword that he sometimes got fucked by his lover Anthony off camera. This could have been the perfect moment – Austin’s first for his website with his real life boyfriend. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen on camera


On the same week Anthony & Austin’s scene was released, Anthony’s (90% thinks he is hot) scene with Kevin Crows (80% thinks he is hot) was also released by Next Door Buddies. It’s hard not to compare the two scenes. For me, Anthony’s latest scene is way hotter since I love Kevin more than Austin 🙂

 Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_01 Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_02
Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_03 Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_04
Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_05 Kevin_crows_anthony_romero_06

There is one more thing I like about Kevin Crows. He replies to his fans on Twitter more often than Austin and Anthony.