Taylor of CF aka Kasey of AD aka Sky Peter of RB (tip @ Dave)

He first appeared as Taylor last 2007 at Corbin Fisher. Then, as Kasey last 2009 for Active Duty. He is now known as Sky Peter at Randy Blue.

Taylor_sky_peter_01 Taylor_sky_peter_02

Besides his solo at Corbin Fisher, he had a str8 scene with Julie and sucked by one of my favorite CF models, Dave.


The tattoo on his left ring finger was already present when he worked for Active Duty.

Kasey_sky_peter_tattoo_01 Kasey_sky_peter_tattoo_02

Besides sucking cock at Active Duty, he also got fucked. One of the guys who fucked him was DJ, the guy in one of Mason Wyler’s bareback homemade videos.

 Kasey_active_duty_03 Kasey_active_duty_014

Personally, I prefer Sky with longer hair.