The only new Next Door exclusive who hasn’t had a scene with a woman – Austin Wilde :)

All four – Trystan Bull, Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo and Samuel O’Toole, released scenes that included women. So far this 2011, only Marcus and Samuel have str8 scenes.

Nextdoor_exsclusives_01 Nextdoor_exsclusives_02
Nextdoor_exsclusives_03 Nextdoor_exsclusives_04

Austin Wilde is the only Next Door exclusive left without a str8 or bisexual scene. Would you want to see him in one?

Austin_wilde_01 Austin_wilde_02

What I want to see in the remaining months of 2011 from these Next Door exclusives.

ONE Trystan Bull will suck cock.

TWO Samuel O’Toole and Austin Wilde will bottom.

THREE An orgy of the 5 exclusives models.