Harley Everett just started porn last November 2010. Depending on what website you are viewing, Lucas Entertainment said Harley Everett is 6’3″ in height, weighing 215 lbs and with a dick size of 8.5″  while UK Naked Men said Harley Everett is 6’2″ in height,  weighing 180lbs and with a dick size of 7″.

But, according to Harley, Lucas Entertainment has the correct stats.

Harley_everett_SOLO_01 Harley_everett_SOLO_02

Lucas Entertainment labelled him as a top.

Harley_everett_lucasentertainment_01 Harley_everett_lucasentertainment_02

But, he has been fucked by Jay Roberts at UK Naked Men and in the upcoming movie Violated from Titan Men, to be released this June 2011, where Harley fisted Lance Navarro. Titan Men named him Haley Everett.

Harley_everett_uknakedmen_02 Harley_everett_uknakedmen_03

A message via Facebook I received from Harley “I’ve now done 13 scenes and only ever bottomed in 2. I’m 95 % rough top.” Out of the 13 scenes he has filmed, only 5, so far, have been released.