My favorites in the Memorial Day special of Corbin Fisher

It’s not often that we see an orgy at Corbin Fisher. This was FUN to watch. It was a 6 man orgy. The tops were Dru, Connor and Kent (last 3 guys on the right) and the guys who bottomed were Dawson, Trey and Kenny (first three guys on the left).


Among the veterans, my favorite was Connor. I just wished he did not shave his pubes. For the new guys, it was Kent.


The best top was Connor. He really knows how to thrust that dick into a hole. Best bottom was Papa Dawson.


The orgy mostly consisted of three groups where one was the top and the other one was the bottom. They would change partners but maintained the three separate groups. It was hot to see they merged together to form a one cohesive structure which made this my favorite sexual position.


The cum shot scene paired Kent with Kenny, Connor with Dawson, and Dru with Trey. The first pair (picture below) on the left started and ended with the pair on the right. The bottom was the first to shoot followed by his top. For my favorite cum shot by a pair, it was the young guys Kenny and Kent. It created a mess all over the body and face of Kenny.


In the tradition of Corbin Fisher, the condoms melted in their asses 🙂 No condoms were seen in the end. The first condom to disappear was Connor’s.