More facial hair, less lower body hair as Adam Marx of CD aka Van of CM (tip @ Tom in Portland)

His solo using the name Van appeared at Chaos Men (CM) last December 2009. He re-appeared at College Dudes (CD) this week using the name Adam Marx. In his return, he has more facial hair and shaved his hairy legs.

Van_adam_marx_00a Van_adam_marx_00b
Van_adam_marx_01 Van_adam_marx_02

For his work at Chaos Men, he has been barebacked by 4 guys. The tattoo on his back appeared on his last scene with CM where he was partnered with Hayden.

Van_adam_marx_05 Van_adam_marx_06
Van_adam_marx_07 Van_adam_marx_08
Van_adam_marx_09 Van_adam_marx_10