For those who missed Landon Reed from College Dudes

Landon Reed first appeared at College Dudes (CD) last Oct 2007 where he got fucked (cock or dildo) in all of his sex scenes.  After his stint at CD, I saw him at Boy Pissing with Mason Wyler and a few movies which starred Landon were released last 2008.

Landon_reed_collegedudes_01 Landon_reed_collegedudes_02
Landon_reed_collegedudes_03 Landon_reed_collegedudes_04
Landon_reed_collegedudes_05 Landon_reed_collegedudes_06

Landon is back as a Pledge Master at Haze Him. His expertise as a bottom at CD showed in this scene. A pledge, kneeling on the floor, was ordered by Landon to shove a dildo up his ass and Landon said “Arch it, it’s easier that way“.

  Landon_reed_hazehim_01 Landon_reed_hazehim_02

Two complaints about Haze Him. I wish the pledges were as hot as the Pledge Masters. And, I wish ALL of the Pledge Masters would join the fun or at least get naked instead of just watching.

Thanks to Joe‘s comment re escort name of Landon Reed – Gabe Lawson.