Round 1 VS Round 2 with Trystan Bull and Johnny Torque

One website, 2nd time pair-up.

The first pair-up (pictures of on the left) of Johnny Torque with Trystan Bull was released last November 2010. The second pair-up (pictures on the right) will be released this week.

Trystall_bull_johnny_torque_01 Trystall_bull_johnny_torque_02 
Trystall_bull_johnny_torque_03 Trystall_bull_johnny_torque_04 
Trystall_bull_johnny_torque_05 Trystall_bull_johnny_torque_06 
Trystall_bull_johnny_torque_07 Trystall_bull_johnny_torque_08 

Both scenes with Trystall Bull and Johnny Torque looks the same to me 🙂 For haters of gay for pay, you are going to hate me since I am still gonna watch it because of Trystall Bull 🙂