The str8 side of Chip Tanner (tip @ C.A.)

Chip Tanner did some scenes at Randy Blue where he showed his flexibility and his versatility, as a top and mostly as a bottom.

Chip_tanner_randyblue_01 Chip_tanner_randyblue_02

His str8 scene was recently released by Divine Bitches. Even in str8 porn, he is still the bottom.


OUCH moment for me while looking at one picture and I don’t think for Chip since he was semi hard. He had candle drippings on his cock.


Chip is not new to trying out kinky stuffs, he admitted in an interview that he ate poop for his fans  (Thanks to Von Schlomo for reminding me about this info on Chip via email)

Unzipped: Hi Chip! Before you started working with Randy Blue, you were sort of an underground web celebrity in your own right. I read some wild rumors about you on message boards, so let me just clear those up first. Is it true that you once filmed yourself eating your own poop?

Chip Tanner: Ha ha! Well, I did have a website where I did some things. And I had a sort of fanbase. And yeah, it’s true. I did eat poop.

OK. Why? I enjoyed the shock value. I’m for freedom, and people should be able to do whatever they want. Even if you think it’s gross, as long as you’re not harming anyone else. I mean, people think I’m crazy, and maybe I am a little.

What did the poop taste like? It was kind of tasteless. And it was warm.

Facebook of Chip Tanner using his real name and porn alias.

UPDATE With regards to the candle drippings, Chip replied to my private message I sent to him on Facebook “Actually, that was the most flaccid I’ve ever been in porn, that picture must have just happened to get a good angle to make me look semi-hard. I had never done BDSM type stuff before but like to experiment. After having done that scene, I’ve concluded I have no special attraction to BDSM… but still probably wouldn’t say no to further experimentation, especially if I’m getting paid for it.