Belami boys kicked off a Mediterranean cruise?

I got this email from Joe regarding Bel Ami porn stars kicked off a Mediterranean cruise. Anyone else can confirm the story?

Johan_paulik I just got back from an RSVP cruise in the Mediterranean.  Everyone was really excited to see a troupe of about 10 Bel Ami boys on the ship, led by Johan Paulik.  They were everywhere: goofing around at muster, out by the pool, constantly being photographed. 

Then . . . they were KICKED OFF the boat and abandoned in Tunisia, the very first stop.  Rumors ran wild: one of the models was under 21; or, they weren’t approved for filming on the boat and were caught; etc.  We asked a Holland America employee.  She said that SHE heard they were filming in places where they weren’t supposed to be (perhaps the hydrotherapy pool in the spa), were asked to stop, but did it again.  And thus they were asked to leave.  Someone asked the head of RSVP.  He said that they were NOT officially invited by RSVP, and did not make any special arrangements, and were asked to leave for unspecified reasons.  I think it was Holland America that kicked them off, not RSVP.  They must have been pretty disruptive for it to have come to that. 

It was interesting watching them when a pretty girl would walk by (generally a ship staff member).  Talk about ogling.

I have requested Joe to send me a picture of the Belami boys on board the ship.


I didn’t take any pictures, unfortunately.  I figured I’d see them in a video in a few months, so why bother? 

Luke_hamill However, Johan Paulik was definitely there and seemed to be in charge. Luke Hamill and Henry Gaudin were the two models I recognized.  Most of those Bel Ami boys kind of blur together in my mind.  But there was a new American model, taller, slightly more muscular, with floppy sandy-blond hair (you know–the part way over on the side with the long hair swooping across the forehead).  He did not look familiar, and he was definitely American.  I haven’t subscribed to Bel Ami for several months now, so I’m not really up on their latest. 

As usual, they all looked smaller in person–average height (mostly 5’9″ to maybe 5’11”–the American might have been 6′).  I heard Henry Gaudin talk–I think it’s the first time I’ve even heard his voice.  He was looking pretty cute–less goofy than in his videos.  He had a different haircut. I even wondered if he might have had a little plastic surgery.  But I’m 95% sure it was him.  He was having dinner with the American and another blond model.

UPDATE SC sent pictures of the Belami boys kicked off from the cruise.