Are Frat Men and College Dudes now sharing models like Felix aka Taylor Black & Romeo aka Daniel Press?

Last week, College Dude’s Taylor Black was also Felix of Frat Men. Normally, it took weeks and even months for a Frat Men to cross over to another porn site. With Felix, it happened in just one week. But this week, both porn sites released the same guy.

SAME WEEK, SAME NEW GUY At Frat Men, Felix was paired with Romeo. Romeo is also Daniel Press at College Dudes.

Romeo_aka_daniel_press_01 Romeo_aka_daniel_press_02
Romeo_aka_daniel_press_03 Romeo_aka_daniel_press_04
Romeo_aka_daniel_press_05 Romeo_aka_daniel_press_06
Romeo_aka_daniel_press_07 Romeo_aka_daniel_press_08


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