Twins – Ajay and Micky (tip @ Steve)

I’m sad to see these twins at Frat Men since all they do are solos. I want them in hardcore scenes together but not a “twincest”. I just want the twins, Ajay (left pictures below) and Micky (right pictures below) to share a guy in a threesome or switch partners in a foursome.

Ajay’s duo scenes, not with his twin, will be released after the revamp of Frat Pad is finished. [h/t GMan]

Fratmen_ajay_micky_01 Fratmen_ajay_micky_02
Fratmen_ajay_micky_03 Fratmen_ajay_micky_04
Fratmen_ajay_micky_05 Fratmen_ajay_micky_06

Ajay’s solo appeared at Frat Men last February 2011. Just three weeks ago, Micky’s solo was released. Their shoot together is currently the latest update at Frat Men.

Fratmen_ajay_micky_07 Fratmen_ajay_micky_08
Fratmen_ajay_micky_09 Fratmen_ajay_micky_10

The twins are just 5’6″ in height with an 8.5″ shoe size. If I am not mistaken, they are the 3rd sets of twins at Frat Men.

Fratmen_other_twins_01 Fratmen_other_twins_02