I’m glad Jamie West of English Lads worked for Hard Brit Lads and Blake Mason

It takes so LOOOOOOONG to educate these English Lads to embrace gay porn. A lot of solos from a single guy and most of them are more willing to shove a dildo up their ass that get a blow job from a guy. I’m glad Hard Brit Lads & Blake Mason exist. They convinced Jamie (W) West to do more for gay porn.

SOLOS Blake Mason was the first to release a solo as Jamie W last May of 2011 (h/t GMan).

Jamie_w_blake_mason_01 Jamie_w_blake_mason_02

As Jamie West, his solo at English Lads (left pictures below) was released last July 2011 and his solo at Hard Brit Lads (right pictures below) was released last August 2011.

Jamie_west_compare_01 Jamie_west_compare_02
Jamie_west_compare_03 Jamie_west_compare_04
Jamie_west_compare_05 Jamie_west_compare_06

ACTION Both English Lads and Hard Brit Lads released a massage scene this month but Hard Brit Lads took it to the next level by convincing Jamie West to get his cock sucked.


Looking at the pictures since I am not a member of Blake Mason (BM), it seems BM convinced Jamie W (West) to suck a guy’s cock.

Jamie_w_blake_mason_04 Jamie_w_blake_mason_05
(3 photos removed due to an error on my part)

It now looks lame reading the latest scene description of Jamie West at English Lads (“A cheeky straight hunk who is confident enough to lie back and have his body massaged and even more confident to let another straight guy massage his cock.) knowing he did more with other British gay porn sites.