Is Brady Jensen the right choice by Belami Online? (tips @ Von Schlomo, Arnulf, Ron & C.A)

There was a rumor last May 2011 that Brady Jensen was joining the Belami boys in Australia. The rumor started when DNA Magazine published online, later removed, Brady’s name in the list of Belami boys visiting Australia. Maybe the rumor was started to get porn fans to talk and find out if Brady was a good choice.

Brady_jensen_belami_01 Brady_jensen_belami_02

Brady Jensen (aka Jonah) is the 7th 12th American to work for Belami Online.

Officially, Brady is now an exclusive of Belami Online and Mick Lovell might follow suit. I did not include Ralph Woods (2007) since he is a Canadian.


Here is what Belami’s George Duroy said on Brady Jensen “…he is right now in Budapest. Yesterday he was shooting with Dolph, tomorrow he shoots with Kevin, Adam and Andre. It is his second shooting period with BA this summer. You start getting his footage next week…“. His scenes will be released on Sept 7, 14, 21 & 23.