10 thoughts on “One of the few new scenes left at Cocksure Men?

  1. Jake should go back to BAREBACK before its too late, damn i just resign at Cocksuremen with the promise of BAREBACK

  2. You mean where will MY RICK and BRADY go? And seeing as how I have no interest whatsoever in the two sites that are left……
    I Hope those DVD’S go on sale for cheap cause I def. need to build up my Brady,Kevin,and Rick,Spencer collection!!!!! 🙂

  3. Who the hell wants to see the geriatic Jake Cruise continue in action with his ancient old butt. Its laughable.

  4. Shawn
    I think you having pronoun trouble. When you say “MY RICK”, you should make it clear that you are referring to me. 🙂

  5. Ok…this could all just be crazy gossip and innuendo. Even if production shuts down, let’s ALL remember that sites often film clips well in advance (i.e. Corbin Fisher does this and airs them out of order, Chaosmen will airs clips that are five months from initial filming, Jenna Jameson filmed nonstop for like four months and was able to release a years worth of clips). So Cocksure will likely still upload clips and content (at least I hope so since I’m a loyal subscriber).
    The sale of the ranch means NOTHING…they could be in the process of moving to a new studio (a la the recent move of Corbin Fisher to Las Vegas). Remember folks….context is everything: you may remember that there is quite a battle brewing over whether or not there will be manadatory condom use in the porn industry. Also the recent dissolving of AIM Medical Resources hints at the possibility of political influence over its closure and a foreshadowing of where the adult industry is headed regulation wise in California. So bottom line: moving to another state that doesn’t have that pull/that force to regulate could be a smart move (i.e. all the studios that have set up shop in Texas, Nevada and Florida).

  6. You might be right Alias but looking at the zillow records of the property.
    It looks like this is the 5th time in 3 years he has put the property up for sale and he keeps dropping the price each time. The current price isn’t much more then what he paid for it and when you are trying to sell a home that isn’t a good thing. Plus the estimated value of the house is less then what he’s got it up for.

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