Derek Raser of Belami Online was Alois Holba of William Higgins (tip @ Cal Q. Later)

Alois Holba’s (left pictures) solo was released by William Higgins last March 2011. While his solo as Derek Raser (right pictures) was released by Belami Online last month.

Derek_raser_aka_alois_holba_02 Derek_raser_aka_alois_holba_01 
Derek_raser_aka_alois_holba_04 Derek_raser_aka_alois_holba_03 
Derek_raser_aka_alois_holba_06 Derek_raser_aka_alois_holba_05 
Derek_raser_aka_alois_holba_08 Derek_raser_aka_alois_holba_07 

His William Higgins shoot showed he had a pierced eyebrow which was not evident in his Belami Online shot.

Alois_alba_williamhiggins_02 Derek_raser_belami 


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