Rectodus Society felt like an infomercial for sexually oppressed men wanting to explore their gay side

The members have different reasons for joining the Rectodus Society of Next Door Buddies but all are struggling to walk the straight path. So, the motto is “turning you gay so she doesn’t have to”. To do this, they came up with 5 steps to conquer on their own with another guy or as a group of guys which involved touching, kissing, sucking, fucking but rimming was optional.


Not everyone conquered the 5 steps. Only 5 of the 9 guys kissed another guy. Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd did not kiss or suck a cock. Since it was optional, only 4 guys participated in the rimming process. Vance Crawford did not fuck or got fucked even if he said he joined the society because he wanted to fuck an ass.

Lame or not, at least Next Door Studios is doing something different.