Who is your favorite So You Think You Can Fuck contestant this year?

The contestants of this year’s So You Think You Can Fuck from Dominic Ford are not really new to the porn industry – Jarett Fox, Jimmy Clay, Kevin Crows, Mitch Vaughn, Tony Newport and Rick McCoy.

Dominic_ford_jarett_fox Dominic_ford_jimmy_clay
Dominic_ford_kevin_crows Dominic_ford_mitch_vaughn
Dominic_ford_tony_newport Dominic_ford_tony_rickmccoy

Of the 6, four have bottomed in the past – Jimmy, Mitch, Tony and Rick. Kevin & Mitch were part of the 6 man Cocksure Men exclusive orgy. Rick and Jimmy had a scene at Cocksure Men. Jarett Fox seems to be the twink JarRett Fox who worked for Extra Big Dicks with a solo in 2005 and returned in 2008.

Dominic_ford_jarett_fox_THEN Dominic_ford_jarett_fox

The FIRST EPISODE of Dominic Ford‘s So You Think You Can Fuck is out with Jimmy Clay and Kevin Crows.

Jimmy_clay_kevin_crows_01 Jimmy_clay_kevin_crows_02
Jimmy_clay_kevin_crows_03 Jimmy_clay_kevin_crows_04