Did TIM implie that Ethan Wolfe is HIV+? (tip @ Ben)

In a Paul Morris forum posted last year by Chris Cunningham “We never give out the HIV status of our models. Let me repeat that: We NEVER give out or discuss the HIV status of our models or any of their personal info.


TIM‘s description of Ethan Wolfe’s scene with Jackson Taylor (aka Gerin) JACKSON TAYLOR is a 20-year-old from Texas. When we told him he could get fucked by ETHAN WOLFE, he jumped at the chance: the kid is truly hungry for cock. But before we set anything up, I sent him a photo of ETHAN’s brand-new tattoo: a big brazen biohazard right above his fat cock. “Just want you to know what you’re getting into here,” I said. JACKSON wrote back one word: “YES!”

From Urban Dictionary on Biohazzard TattooIt has been adopted by many in the gay and HIV+ communities to identify people with HIV/AIDS to their potential sexual partners.