Did TIM implie that Ethan Wolfe is HIV+? (Thanks Ben)

In a Paul Morris forum posted last year by Chris Cunningham "We never give out the HIV status of our models. Let me repeat that: We NEVER give out or discuss the HIV status of our models or any of their personal info."


TIM's description of Ethan Wolfe's scene with Jackson Taylor (aka Gerin) "JACKSON TAYLOR is a 20-year-old from Texas. When we told him he could get fucked by ETHAN WOLFE, he jumped at the chance: the kid is truly hungry for cock. But before we set anything up, I sent him a photo of ETHAN's brand-new tattoo: a big brazen biohazard right above his fat cock. "Just want you to know what you're getting into here," I said. JACKSON wrote back one word: "YES!""

From Urban Dictionary on Biohazzard Tattoo "It has been adopted by many in the gay and HIV+ communities to identify people with HIV/AIDS to their potential sexual partners."

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  1. Yeah, and have a little viral Hepatitis or gonorrhea with that virus. TIM likes “pushing the envelope” and uses their pseudo-civil libertarian shit to mask how little they care about the health of their models.

  2. If what the company wrote is true, I don’t think they’re to blame at all. It sounds like he was well aware of what he was getting himself into and was more than willing. I don’t see any arm twisting going on in that report.

  3. Guys, the reason why i submitted this info to MOP. not because of the issue of HIV. I’m sure all performers know what they’re getting into. I;m sure TIM informs each and every model their scene partners’ status.
    my point is, at one time, TIM said they WOULD NEVER make this kind of info available to public and now they wrote this. Hypocrisy?

  4. I feel really sick for reading this. Ethan Wolfe must not be very stupid to put that tattoo if he doesn’t have HIV which means it’s very likely this guy has it and yet the bottom has NO PROBLEM with that?? Are you fucking kidding me??? SO HIV becomes like a cool thing to have now? What’s wrong with this generation?

  5. When Ethan Wolfe gets a large visible biohazard tattoo then it’s not TIM who is spilling the beans.

  6. cant wait to see Gerin ..have missed him since he left Chaosmen; I cant find any of his Tylers Room or Boyfun vids ..so this will do nicely ! Love this little hottie !

  7. Treasure Island Media is just the best, hands down. I loved “Gerin” from Chaosmen and now he’s at an even better site. Great news!

  8. Good lord, is everyone THAT gullible?
    TIM is notorious for trying to garner as much controversy as possible to help sell their DVD’s and streams on adult sites.
    More than likely, this bottom boy was already + and since Ethan’s (apparently) + as well, they went ahead and did what they did. What is the problem?
    Seriously, I scratch my head at the idiocy of people sometimes. Don’t believe everything you read people. Try THINKING first.

  9. They either see HIV as no longer being a death sentence or have no idea what effect HIV has on someone’s life. They’ve almost guaranteed never lost a loved one to AIDS.

  10. I never knew that and even if that’s how it’s advertised in tattoo parlours, it’s not what anyone thinks. As far as I know, it’s someone being upfront and honest about their status…and it’s really silly to have got one for any other meaning.

  11. I’m gay, HIV Poz since 30th June 2015, and I have the same tattoo in the same place, and on my arms. I got it coz I wanted people to know I’m poz, got no shame around my HIV status. I knew people will see it and ask questions. Plus I’ve seen it on other guys and loved it.
    For Ethan, it was his choice to get the tattoo, he knows cameras will see that area a lot in his line of work, so like me he must be happy letting the world know he’s poz! I’d be happy letting people seeing my HIV tattoo. It’s not TIM’s, it belongs to me and it’s my HIV.
    Treasure Island Media didn’t do anything, it was Ethan who outted himself as HIV poz, and it’s amazing he’s confident enough to do it. Good on him and TIM I say!

  12. I too have the biohazard tattoo in the same place. I’m not ashamed to say I have HIV too and love my biohazard tattoo. If Ethan is the top then he’s probably on meds stupid. The rest of the message is stupid HIV hasn’t become cool and never will be. I got my HIV May 2015. I only bareback ever, was at a chillout, 2 hot guys told me they had HIV not on meds, and as a BB Bttm I quickly decided they were hot and I cool with them pounding their HIV cum inside me. Made the decision to not get pep and just let it happen. The sex was amazing, knew I was getting HIV too but it was really horny so a month on I was diognosed with HIV and coz I knew before it happened I was cool about it, told most my mates and family and today I’m really open about my status and how it happened.
    In 2016 I got my tattoo and probably like Ethan its coz I have HIV. I have no shame on telling the world I have HIV, I do think I look cool with my biohazard tattoo and if others think that then great, but for me I’m cool about my HIV and happy.
    In terms of TIM actors, most have biohazard tattoos too, they are hot and probably like me HIV poz and proud to display it with the HIV symbol. My mate has done TIM porn and he’s not got any HIV tattoos, but he’s poz like me.
    In summary, I’m HIV POZ and proudly have the biohazard tattoo. I love Ethan’s tattoos but seeing it didn’t make my decision to allow guys with HIV to fuck me cool or sexy. I just thought they were hot and I wanted sex, after I thought about pep but I decided to allow the HIV to infect me. I did that, doesn’t bother me today, glad I let it happen not went to get pep, I’ve learned loads and new things from my status. But the top thing, its a fucking tattoo. Good on Ethan for wearing his tattoo with pride.

  13. Well at least that’s another way of saying it because most people today are to scared to get tested for it or don’t care about their status I appreciate anyone who is willing to tell others their status and give that a choice rather than being blind to the fact

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