New guy Chandler at Corbin Fisher is the latest update at Unglory Hole as Ben (Thanks Scott)

Chandler is currently the latest upate at Corbin Fisher, released last Dec. 26, 2011. Today, using the name Ben, he is also the latest update at Unglory Hole [mobile].


Thanks to NC‘s comment that Ben also appeared as a TOP at Bait Bus, with scene title Paging Dr Ben, released last Nov. 25, 2011.


He also appeared at Haze Him [mobile] as a BOTTOM, with scene title What does It Take To Be A Brother, released last Nov. 24, 2011.


8 thoughts on “New guy Chandler at Corbin Fisher is the latest update at Unglory Hole as Ben (Thanks Scott)

  1. He topped at Bait Bus in the episode titled, “Paging Dr. Ben.” I read at WB that he bottomed at Haze Him, not sure about the episode.

  2. An odd casting choice as a bottom for Haze Him, especially with a big dick like his, unless he likes bottoming or is just comfortable doing it. Anyone seen any of his vids to get an inkling if he’s gay-for-pay?

  3. His Haze Him video had him bottoming like a champ or at least it went in fairly easy for him. Lol On top of the fact that he takes a load to the mouth and continues to suck cock. He seemed pretty experienced as he had not problems taking it from both ends.

  4. How do you know he’s married, T? He seems to be quite young. Anyway I agree with Alex.S: he looks experienced as a bottom as well… and still I don’t understand the concept of gay-for-pay.

  5. I was a sophomore in high school when he graduated.
    Had/have the biggest crush on his younger brother that looks just like him but blonde. I had heard big dick ran in the family. i guess so!
    That i was aware of he is straight, not sure if married now.
    Hahaha i know hes real name..

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