Interviews with Tom Faulk, Trent Diesel, Sean Xavier and Kennedy Carter

Tom Faulk [full inteview from James]

Q. You said people in your hometown found out about your modeling. How did they respond? What did your friends/family say? Have you told friends/family?

A. I have a lot of friends, and my family that does know do not care. Not everyone is kind though. I am constantly either being sexually harassed or slurred on Facebook. It's getting better though. People have figured out I haven't changed, and I'll kick their  ass if they mess with me!

Tom_faul_oldnew_look_01 Tom_faul_oldnew_look_02
(Then and Now)

Q. From your first scene, your fans loved your look. Recently you got a haircut and people yowled disappointment (smile). What's it like to have a haircut get so much attention? Will you grow your hair back? Go bald next (I like that look!…..grin). Did CollegeDude's say anything about your new 'do?

A. Ah yes. Here is my explanation: last time I was up my hair felt too long.  In between I've been training and lifting, so I got a haircut to show off my body more. I wanted to look more refined, and not a shaggy haired "twink". LOL I do plan on growing it back though. It just needed a hedging.

Tom_faul_topbottom_look_01 Tom_faul_topbottom_look_02

Q. Top or bottom? Is there a type of guy you prefer to bottom/top for?

A. I prefer topping in porn and bottoming in real life. Although the number of times I've even hooked up can be counted on one hand.

Trent Diesel [full interview from JP Barnaby]

Q. Are you still working in construction as your primary job?

A. Yes. I’m not doing floors exclusively, I’m doing more work as a general contractor, partnered up with someone in my own business.

Trent_diesel_gay_str8_tranny_01 Trent_diesel_gay_str8_tranny_02 
Trent_diesel_gay_str8_tranny_03 Trent_diesel_gay_str8_tranny_04 
(Galleries above are of Trent with a woman, a transsexual and with men)

Q. Being bisexual, we face our own unique challenges. How has your sexuality affected your work in the adult industry?

A. It seems to me for some reason that I’ve got to be one of very few men who haven’t been bashed for being bisexual. Some guys act more straight, and it shows. But, since I really am bisexual – I like men and I like women, it really shows and I’ve been accepted. It’s been a positive for me as far as my porn career, people are willing to shoot me both ways.

Q. Does your family know about being in the industry? If so, are they supportive?

A. Most of my siblings know, and they’re supportive. My parents, nor the rest of my family know.

Sean Xavier [full interview from James]

Q. How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Bi? Straight? Curious? Horny?

A. My standard line is: all of my past boyfriends say that I'm gay.

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Sean_roberts_lucasentertainment_03 Sean_roberts_lucasentertainment_04 
(The latest scene released this week of Sean is from Lucas Entertainment)

Q. How long do you plan on working in the industry? What goals do you have  post-modeling?

A. I don't have any immediate plans to stop. I'll start graduate school soon for a Ph.D. in informatics. Who says you can't be a doctor and a porn-star? Not me.

Kennedy Carter [full interview by James]

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(Galleries above are from Cocky Boys)

Q. How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Straight? Bisexual? Something else? Has this definition changed since you've been in the industry?

A. I would say I'm 100 percent gay; I can get turned on by the thought of sex with a woman, but I could only fall in love with a man. I don't think porn would ever change that.