5 thoughts on “Mugshot of Marco Rivera (Thanks Estelle)

  1. So he IS the guy that was in jail at New York’s reunion! Wow. Never would have figured it was him. Maybe that’s why he likes gay sex now.

  2. I don’t know if he is bisexual are not nor do I know whether he like gay sex now are not either.But the fact that he was arrested 4 time should tell you some-thing about him that he has a problem with the laws and staying out of jails.About that Rentboy.con ad of his being fake and all I will say about that is this there are a lot of bi-men in str8-porn there’s nothing new about that and we all know it truth.Some will go to great extreme in order to hide it from their str8-porn companies that they work for and those that hire them.And will only have sex with gay men behind close doors but not on screen doing gay-porn at least some will and other won’t.

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