The bait when there are two straight guys in a scene at Bait Buddies

Normally, one of the two guys is labelled bait at Bait Buddies. But, when Bait Buddies labelled two guys as straight, the bait is an imaginary woman who was supposedly hired to have sex with two guys. The latest scene at Bait Buddies consists of two supposedly straight best friends who were baited to have sex with a woman.

Baitbuddies_01 Baitbuddies_02
Baitbuddies_03 Baitbuddies_04
Baitbuddies_05 Baitbuddies_06

According to Bait BuddiesThis is the first of a four part documentary “Sandbox Buddies” which follows the sexual progression of two real, straight, lifelong buddies who decide to experiment with gay sex in exchange for cold hard cash.“.

This is not the first time that no guy was labelled bait at Bait Buddies. The last one was with Jackson Klein and Kyle Butler.