Chaos Men paid better than Straight Rent Boys according to Jet aka Scott

He used the name Scott [gallery] when he worked for Straight Rent Boys last year. He is now known as Jet at Chaos Men.

PHOTO SHOOT Straight Rent Boys (left) VERSUS Chaos Men (right)

Scott_jet_01 Scott_jet_02 
Scott_jet_03 Scott_jet_04 
Scott_jet_05 Scott_jet_06 

According to Chaos Men "Jet is best friends with Solomon. They had not seen each other in a while, and when they finally touch-based, Solomon told him he was doing guy-on-guy porn. Jet said he was hooked up with a company too, and when they discussed what each was getting paid, Solomon was like, "Dude, you need to come work at ChaosMen!" So I guess I am still on the upper end of pay."

As Scott, he had 2 scenes at Straight Rent Boys. His scene with Nick was split into two parts – getting sucked [gallery] and sucking cock [gallery].


5 thoughts on “Chaos Men paid better than Straight Rent Boys according to Jet aka Scott

  1. Totally fell outta my chair over this guy….something about him is completely sexy….love him with the chest hair (i.e. he looks better on Chaosmen!)
    Meanwhile….’best buds’ that shit, BRYAN!!!! I wanna see Jet and Solomon get it on!

  2. StraightRentBoys had Scott first when he was really straight. They trained him, he moved on, of course once the guy learns how to have gay sex and is experienced he gets paid more. That’s the whole premise of StraightRentBoys! D&E Productions is always the first to find and train straight boys to be gay and do gay porn, they did the same on brokestraightboys and now they are doing it with Straightrentboys. I find the way Chaos Men tried to spin this press release to discredit D&E Productions hilarious.

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