Duncan’s education at Corbin Fisher

Times have changed with the education of the guys at American College Men aka Corbin Fisher. When it opened to the gay public, after the guy’s solo, an oral scene usually follows and then a scene or scenes as a top and finally, the education ends with the guy’s first experience as a bottom.

Duncan_solo_corbinfisher_01 Duncan_solo_corbinfisher_02

Nowadays, after a guy’s solo at Corbin Fisher, he is infected by a “str8 virus” by feeding him vagina ๐Ÿ™‚

Duncan_str8_corbinfisher_02 Duncan_str8_corbinfisher_03

After proving his “str8hood”, he can now have sex with men. He gets to fuck his first guy.

Duncan_action_corbinfisher_01 Duncan_action_corbinfisher_02 
Duncan_action_corbinfisher_03 Duncan_action_corbinfisher_04 

If Duncan wants to continue his education at Corbin Fisher, he will have to bottom, with and without a condom. If he stays longer, he will be required again by Corbin Fisher to prove his “str8hood” by getting infected once more by the “str8 virus” ๐Ÿ™‚

15 thoughts on “Duncan’s education at Corbin Fisher

  1. Screw you masai kids who fight alone lions and mortal snakes for seven years before calling themselves men!learn how to do it from CF.

  2. I thought he was after his ACS lesson. Thank God the honor didn’t go to Kenny. Someone else should get that dubious honor and it might be Dawson, Cameron and Cain.

  3. Also, some models seem to miss those initiations. Levi missed it for sure, can’t remember if Jamie did or not and so did the recent Carson and Doug. When that happens, I assume the models might be gay but now we have straight-for-pay. Speaking of which, wonder what happened to Doug. He never got a solo and immediately got fucked by Carson on his first vid and then disappeared.

  4. I thought he was quite dull in this video. If he sticks around to be fucked, Dawson has to do it and rough.

  5. All 3 at the same time? That would be one hellofa first time bottoming video! I’d hold my nose for Dawson in that case.

  6. Jamie didn’t appear on ACS fucking any chics, tho that would have been hella hot if he could have kept that big log of a cock hard. And loosely speaking, I assume any guy who doesn’t go to ACS to fuck a slag is gay, like Carson, Levi, Jarret (my personal favorite gay boy going back a long way), etc.

  7. I think some of these guys come to corbin fisher just like other sites with personal issues, like drugs and alchohol and I think this is way for some of them to make quick money to pay for their fix. Sad to assume that but there are many cases of guys that can’t do their scenes right and are asked to leave the set for good. With some guys the company they are working for find out their addictions and are no longer interested in them. Then of course there are those that have friends and family that find out what they have done and find it on the internet for the world to see.
    There are probably other reasons but the leading three are drugs, alchohol, or being exposed to their friends and family. In the end we have to enjoy what we are able to see of some that may never show their faces again on cam.

  8. It’s a boner killer for me if I know the guy is str8.
    And having these guys do the snatch before doing gay stuff does the same thing.

  9. sad to see and know all this bull shit is still being propagated and that these very cute but possible witless guys are being led down a path – where unprotected sex has no consequences

  10. Don’t remember Jarret. Going to have to check him out. Miss Levi. I heard he has a scene on CF Selects. Him as well as another one of my CF favorites, Colby.

  11. I wonder how this is going to affect Duncan ambition to be a real model since he said on his ( Model-Mayhem ) account that he didn’t want to do nude work.And yet here he is doing porn for Corbin-fisher naked what’s going to happen when other peoples begin to recognize him for his porn work and not his real modeling work instead.Beside that I don’t believe Corbin-F when the company say’s that Duncan has never been with another man before Kenny whoo’s been fuck by guys on the porn site a dozen time.And yet his ass-hole still dozen look like it has never been touch by another man cock you look at Duncan ass and you can clearly see he has been fuck before or he has been using some very big-Dildo’s up his ass.Because his ass has clearly been stretch-out to the point of a tiny opening in his ass-hole it wouldn’t be the first time Corbin-F lie about it models.Take Cain for instant even before he started to have sex with men at Corbin-f his ass-hole was al-ready stretch-out as well and Duncan is no difference.When it come to stretch-out asses I’m just saying end of story.

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