Duncan’s education at Corbin Fisher

Times have changed with the education of the guys at American College Men aka Corbin Fisher. When it opened to the gay public, after the guy’s solo, an oral scene usually follows and then a scene or scenes as a top and finally, the education ends with the guy’s first experience as a bottom.

Duncan_solo_corbinfisher_01 Duncan_solo_corbinfisher_02

Nowadays, after a guy’s solo at Corbin Fisher, he is infected by a “str8 virus” by feeding him vagina 🙂

Duncan_str8_corbinfisher_02 Duncan_str8_corbinfisher_03

After proving his “str8hood”, he can now have sex with men. He gets to fuck his first guy.

Duncan_action_corbinfisher_01 Duncan_action_corbinfisher_02 
Duncan_action_corbinfisher_03 Duncan_action_corbinfisher_04 

If Duncan wants to continue his education at Corbin Fisher, he will have to bottom, with and without a condom. If he stays longer, he will be required again by Corbin Fisher to prove his “str8hood” by getting infected once more by the “str8 virus” 🙂