Odd update at Corbin Fisher

Sent via email by Tom of Portland “You should check out the most recent Corbin Fisher update featuring newbie Elliot and Cameron. First Elliot, who is bottoming, does not cum — they don’t even try to fake it. Then Cameron supposedly cums in the condom while fucking Elliot, but frankly there does not appear to be much in the condom. One missing cum shot and a faked one in the same scene. This is how Corbin Fisher is going to meet the competition from Sean Cody????? Wonder how many members this scene will cost them?


Update from Tom in PortlandI read some of the comments insisting Elliot did cum. I looked at the clip again. I think most of them just looked at the still pics. The supposed cum shot appears after a very abrupt jumpcut in the clip. Before that jump Elliot’s hands are pretty dry and he’s not hard. After the jump he’s still not hard but all of his fingers are suddenly covered with some fluid. Classic faked cum shot IMHO. And after that why have Cameron supposedly cum in the condom? Very odd.