Still excited to watch Michael Lucas have sex in front of the camera?

Michael Lucas has been in front of the camera for more than 15 years. He has appeared in more than 125 scenes. A new scene of him has just been released by his company – Lucas Entertainment. He was paired with Franco Ferrari for the movie Hung for Hung.

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Michael_lucas_franco_ferarri_o5 Michael_lucas_franco_ferarri_o6 

As a porn fan, are you still excited to watch Michael in action with other guys?

23 thoughts on “Still excited to watch Michael Lucas have sex in front of the camera?

  1. With those botox injections how can you tell he’s scowling? LOL! I don’t mind the forehead so much, but those fish lips, ugh!
    I suppose since it’s his company, he can do whatever he likes. But I don’t find Michael Lucas to be an engaging performer, he is just blah.

  2. I did love him but he hasn’t bottomed at least once. I’ve seen some other self-professed tops that at least gave bottoming a go one occasion or another: Billy Brandt, Matthew Rush and Jason Adonis come to mind. Hell, there are even some power bottoms that have topped once like Tommy Brandt, Kurt Wild and Ethan Marc.

  3. Sometimes he can be a great performer but now it’s getting to the point where we’ve seen it all before… He should bottom at least once

  4. i don’t mind him,i mean he’s not doing that many scenes anymore so once in a while it’s ok to see him in action.

  5. I love watching his scenes but get bored because you always know that he is always going to be the top. A bit a variation would be nice, spice things up and make it interesting!

  6. Wow. Who knew that Lucas had so little love! 🙂 Gonna defend him here. It’s not like he’s in every scene, and he knows how to treat a bottom (excluding Richie Fine). So I don’t mind. Now if he could stop making dumb political statements…..LOL

  7. I skip his scene, whether or not he’s partnered with a hot guy. Just can’t stand his face. 😛

  8. Not sure why so many seem to not like him. I thought his scene with Matthew Rush was hot. And the few others I’ve seen him in, have been hot also.

  9. LOL I’m really surprised to see a lot of negative comments about Lucas’ looks. To me he’s pretty attractive and has a nice body. He’s definitely on top of the heap when it comes to dudes who bang their models. Jake Cruise probably wishes he looked this good (we do too).

  10. i think the majority has spoken, he’s just a pest, i find him annoying, just stay behind the scenes, no need for to continually be in scenes, plus he tries to be so controversial. Just an ego maniac!!

  11. I look forward to Michael Lucas’ scenes. I think he’s one of the best tops around and he really knows how treat a bottom. He has a way of pulling out the best performance possible from his performers.
    I give Lucas a lot of credit of creating a really good company. Where is elso can you go and see such sexy men from every background? I’m rarely disappointed by any scene from Lucas Entertainment.

  12. Lucas no me calienta en lo mas minimo, no me parece sexy para nada.
    Y eso sumado a que en estos ultimos años, a incorporado costumbres bastante asquerosas que las repite una y otra ves, hasta el cansancio, como es el hecho de “escupir” sobre su pareja por el motivo que sea, o salivarlo en la boca.
    ¿Porque no permite que se lo hagan a èl?…¡¡¡A S Q U E R O S O Y R E P U G N A N T E!!!

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