Two Americans sharing the soon to retire Dolph Lambert

George Duroy recently mentioned in a forum at Belami Online that Dolph Lambert will end his contract with them this 2012. It seems Belami Online wants to replenish their stable of guys with new faces – out with the old, in with the new.


If I were to choose which of the three is my favorite, it is definitely Dolph. Second would be Alex Waters. The favorite of most porn fans Mick Lovell is just third on my list.

7 thoughts on “Two Americans sharing the soon to retire Dolph Lambert

  1. Dolph is definitely my favorite, too! I realize Mick and Alex are somewhat new, but they really need to come outta their shell and show us some charming personality, like Dolph.

  2. Dolph’s retiring? I did not know this. Really weird since his ex, Todd Rosset, has been with BA longer and is still hanging on. Same goes for my other favorites Luke Hamill, Brandon Manilow and dat bootylicious Sascha Chaykin.

  3. maybe he just wants to move on..he’s a fan fav so i’m sure if he wanted to stay he’d be welcome for the other two,my favorite of all 3 is alex,he has sweet looks but a strong personality,lovell i think is still a work in progress,great looking guy but not sure about him as a performer,it’s too early to tell he just started.

  4. Dolph is by far the hottest of the three…but sorry disagree on the last two. Mick is way hotter than Alex. Will be sorry to see Dolph move on…one of my favorites!

  5. Oh my god! I didn’t know he would be done with BA in 2012! I’m sad! I’ll miss him for sure!!! Beautiful boy!!!

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