No solo, straight to action for Sloan of Corbin Fisher

This is not the first time that the new guy did not have a solo released by Corbin Fisher. This year, it also happened to Mel, whose action scene was released last month.

I can only speculate why Corbin Fisher did not have a solo for Sloan. It could be that Sloan admitted in his interview at Pete’s Attic that he was gay and enjoys sucking cock and getting fucked. Or, Sloan did not want to have sex with a woman.

Sloan_connor_corbinfisher_01 Sloan_connor_corbinfisher_02
Sloan_connor_corbinfisher_03 Sloan_connor_corbinfisher_04
Sloan_connor_corbinfisher_05 Sloan_connor_corbinfisher_06
Sloan_connor_corbinfisher_07 Sloan_connor_corbinfisher_08