After 8 years, Eric York returns as Peter Finland at Men Over 30 (tip @ Bo)

Erik York started porn in the early 90’s when the world was being introduced to a new technology – the internet. He has had more than 60 movies to his name. According to Men Over 30, he is back after 8 yearsSteven is gonna have his hands full with one of our alumni that is coming out of retirement after 8 years“. The 45 years old Eric York used the name Peter Finland and was paired with Steven Daigle who is now 37 years old.


Men Over 30 said he came out of retirement after 8 years but there was a video of him, with less tattoos, released by SX Video in 2007.

Sleaze_eric_york_01 Sleaze_eric_york_02

Maybe because it was a director’s cut so it was released after years it was shot? The first Sleaze was released in 2004 but Sleaze 3 was in 2008.