RIP Sean of Corbin Fisher


From Corbin Fisher Family "It is with the most profound sadness we share with you, his fans, news of Matthew's recent passing. The deep sorrow felt with his loss is matched only by the tremendous gratitude we all feel at having had the opportunity to get to know and work with this incredible young man. In his year at Corbin Fisher, "Sean" has had an enormous impact upon a great many of us – from the fans who knew him for this enthusiasm, charisma, and remarkable good looks, to his co-workers and fellow performers who knew him as a generous and selfless friend.

We have been in contact with his family since he unexpectedly passed, and they have shared with us that Matthew often eagerly expressed to them how much his fans and admirers meant to him. He took great pride in his work with Corbin Fisher, and strove to make an impression upon you and make you happy with every performance. You were all a constant source of inspiration and motivation for him. Fans of Matthew, aka "Sean", who wish to express condolences may do so by e-mailing We will collect the messages and pass them on to his loving, supportive, and grieving family. Rest in Peace, Matthew, and thank you for giving us all the opportunity to know you."

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UPDATE From Corbin Fisher on Matthew aka Sean

Matt was a dream come true for someone that does what I do – beyond handsome, so naturally attractive and fit (he loved junk food, hardly ever worked out, and yet still had a body most anyone would be jealous of). More importantly, though, he had the most open, accepting attitude when it came to sex and sexuality. From the first day we met him, he made no secret that, while he had a girlfriend and cared for and loved her deeply, he could appreciate and enjoy other men as well.

Matt's upbringing surely had something to do with his open-mindedness and attitudes towards sex and sexuality. Matt's dad came out fairly late in life, when Matt was a teenager. Having a dad that realized he was gay and came out so late resulted in their entire family genuinely valuing the importance of being open and honest with oneself; to him, sexuality was something that should be celebrated and never something to be ashamed of; doing what made one happy and what one knew was right always mattered more than fearing the possible disapproval of or judgement by others. I can still recall being so caught off guard when I sat Matt down at his first shoot to offer him a long-term contract with us. "I'll have to ask my dad and see what he thinks," he said. He did just that, talking it over with his dad and brother and even going over the contracts and paperwork with him. "Do what feels right and makes you happy," is what his dad told me he told Matt that day. That was just about a year ago, Matt's first video appearing on the site exactly a year ago today.

Matt loved having fans, and also really loved showing off what he felt was his own enlightened views on sexuality. He got a kick out of the fact that he had no hangups, and so could live life truly enjoying so many different things and experiencing so many different things others might be denying themselves out of fear or prudishness.

Matt would spend a fair amount of time reading what fans had to say about him. He'd regularly visit blogs or forums and check out the comments. He'd get giddy when we'd share e-mails from fans, or go over some of our social networking sites to see what people were saying about him. He'd always been that way – before coming to CF, he was a champion extreme sports athlete, and it seemed one of the things he enjoyed about that most was having fans and interacting with younger athletes that admired and even idolized him.

Sure, he wasn't perfect. He had some wild and crazy times, as most all guys his age will. He and I would have our run-ins and disagreements; Matt had a penchant for mischief making, and I'd regularly have to get after him for little things. His response was always to smile, apologize, and never do it again… while working on finding a new way to get me worked up.

He had his insecurities here and there, as well. He'd always been a bit self-conscious about his teeth. That someone who looked like him could have any insecurities at all related to physical appearance is lost on me, but he always felt that was something off about them. Coming across the occasional comment or post by some viewer or fan mentioning his teeth only added to it all. Most every single photo, going back through his entire life, shows his smiles constrained to smirks – he was just always hesitant to open his mouth. We were even hard pressed to find pictures of him fully smiling from his earlier months with us, and our photographer would always have a hard time attempting to get more than a tight-lipped smile out of him.

One of the things he did with the money he made with us was take care of that issue. He got some work done, and couldn't have been more excited about it. It wasn't until yesterday, when going over pictures we felt might be appropriate for his remembrance page, we realized that most every single photo we have of Matt from his last few months working with us shows him bright-eyed, with a big, open-mouthed smile on his face – showing off those teeth, and managing to be even more magnetic than he was before.

All of us at CF are going to miss him deeply. His fellow performers will be among the ones who miss him most. Mature for his age and with such an open attitude towards sexuality, he inevitably ended up being a bit of a mentor to many of the other guys that were still getting used to the idea of so openly sharing sexual acts and feelings on camera, or even sharing what they were doing with friends and family.

I think it's been awhile since any guy that's come through the door here has really blown me away because of their looks or physical appearance. It becomes difficult for any one to stand out in that respect nowadays. Matt definitely stands out for being just so open and accepting a young man, though. He was so enthusiastic, and so eager to pursue life without regard for what others might think or how others might disapprove. I think he was genuinely unable to imagine not accepting others' differences, genuinely unable to fathom not loving those close to him, and truly felt it pointless to ever label or judge others. It has been inspiring to know such a young man with such attitudes existed, and devastating to have lost such a young man so soon.