Cole Markum moves from Southern Strokes to Randy Blue (Thanks GMan)

Cole Markum’s solo was only released by Southern Strokes last February 2012 and his latest scene released was just last week. Yet, Randy Blue released a solo of him this week without changing his porn name. Would this mean they are sharing models?

Cole_marham_southernstrokes_randyblue_01 Cole_marham_southernstrokes_randyblue_02 
Cole_marham_southernstrokes_randyblue_03 Cole_marham_southernstrokes_randyblue_04 

No “introductory to gay sex on camera” training needed for Cole Markum by Randy Blue since he already had it at Southern Strokes.


Cole Markum can be stalked followed @ Twitter. Would it make him hotter if you knew that he was ex-militay?