Nash aka Brody Wilder back at Chaos Men? (tip @ GMan)

As Brody Wilder, he had his first scene released as an exclusive of Next Door last Nov 2011. Yet, after a few months, he is back as Nash at Chaos Men where he was paired with Solomon. Is this an old scene just released this week? I think not.


Chaos Men is more honest when it comes to their scene description, it said “Over the course of the last year, Nash had been sending me update photos. He was looking extra beefy, got his braces off, and I really have been wanting to keep Solomon with guys who have the same muscle mass he does…” It has been a year since Nash’s last scene was released by Chaos Men. And, Solomon was introduced (Sept 2011) months after Nash’s (Apr 2011) last scene was released. So, his scene with Solomon was filmed after his work with Next Door. I know it is not the best of proof. I wished Bryan of Chaos Men just stated the obvious, which he always does.



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