Same scene of Justin Lebeau & Jake Bass by Video Boys and Cocky Boys (Thanks Dennis)

Video Boys and Cocky Boys have a history of sharing models from time to time like Justin Lebeau and Jake Bass. Since they are sharing models, why not release the same scene months apart. Video Boys released the scene of Justin Lebeau with Jake Bass last Dec 2011 while Cocky Boys released the same scene this week.

A screen shot of their free galleries [gallery of Video Boys VERSUS gallery of Cocky Boys]


Side by side images released by Video Boys and Cocky Boys.

VERSUS_videoboys_cockyboys_01 VERSUS_videoboys_cockyboys_02 
VERSUS_videoboys_cockyboys_03 VERSUS_videoboys_cockyboys_04 
VERSUS_videoboys_cockyboys_05 VERSUS_videoboys_cockyboys_06 

Thank you Dennis of I Love Jocks.